We are deep in a seller's market, where "EVERYONE is GUARANTEED an OFFER." What exactly does a "seller's market" mean? It means, there is less than a one month's supply of inventory in most price ranges available for sale in our housing market right now. Selling your home and moving is a very personal and significant event, why not hire a licensed NC Real Estate agent to handle it? It's our job, it's what we do, full time, from about 6 am to 11 pm most every day of the week. Statistics show that you will ultimately SAVE MONEY when you hire a real estate professional! In such a seller's market, average "Days on Market" is less than 30 days, and you don't even have to "paint the house or vacuum the cat". A professional real estate agent will represent you and decide with you what needs to be done to your home to achieve your goals. YOU will be represented throughout your entire sales transaction. Do you really believe the purchasers behind this whole "Guaranteed Offer" are just being "nice"? · First...they offer you "market value" for your home · Then...they "assess" your home · Next...they offer to "take care of all of the repair and improvements" your home needs so you don't have to "hassle with them". · Finally, they go for the Kill...they reduce that sweet initial offer that got you packing in the first place. (At this point, you are all packed up, you've arranged for your utilities to be cut off, changed your address, spent money on your new house, switched the kids school, etc. Of course you need to go ahead and close on this house! Then, you can sit back and watch this "sweet" buyer put your home right back on the active market at the market price they offered you in the first place OR for an even higher price. If you are thinking of selling your home, PLEASE speak with a LOCAL professional on the matter BEFORE you sign this "GUARANTEED OFFER "contract that we all know is just too good to be true.