2014 1st Quarter Sales; Fewer, but Faster

Once again, I have taken an in depth look at our Southwestern Wake real estate market.  Just as the front page of the News & Observer reported a couple of weeks ago; “Area home sales improve, but sellers remain scarce”, we are seeing this scenario in our Southwestern part of the county.  We are seeing multiple offers and contracts coming in above sales price.  I am seeing such a low number of new homes coming on the market, buyers have to make quick decisions or they will miss out.  New inventory is low, but sales prices have not increased enough for sellers to feel confident enough to try selling, again, in some cases.  Distressed standing inventory is down as well as builder speculative standing inventory, this brings good news for our re-sale market as sales prices will begin to increase again. Below is a summary of our entire area; months of inventory along with average average sales price and average days on market. Sales-by-City-Q1-2014 The following link shows a more detailed look at each of our city areas and their price ranges respectively. Market Update Q1 2014 It is a FANTASTIC time to sell your home; if you, or someone you know, have tried to sell their home in the last few years unsuccessfully, this is a great time get on the active market again.  Feel free to contact us for our exclusive proven marketing program.  With 18 years of experience selling our Triangle market, I know how to sell real estate!  My communication, expertise, and sales support team is un-matched as evident in being the only boutique real estate company serving Southwestern Wake county. If you would like to receive my Quarterly Market Update personally just let me know and I will be happy to add you to our email distribution and/or to our snail mail hard copy distribution. Welcome Home, Laura