Aloha Safari Park

Did you know that just a short drive from Fuquay-Varina there is a whole other world to visit?! No seriously, a SAFARI, just a short drive from our town! Check out Aloha Safari park for the perfect way to spend a beautiful day outdoors.

Aloha Safari Park is located in Cameron, NC and is open for the season and ready for YOU to visit their variety of different animals including tigers, zebras, monkeys, lemurs, and more!

Current hours of operation are –

MONDAY: 10am-5pm
WEDNESDAY: 10am-5pm
THURSDAY: 10am-5pm
FRIDAY: 10am-5pm
SATURDAY: 10am-5pm
SUNDAY: 10am-5pm

“Things to Do-
The Aloha Safari Zoo has so many exciting things to see.
​Listed below are some things you should definitely check out during your visit! Stop by our goat and pig field near the zoo entrance to feed our livestock animals some treats that you can purchase at the front entrance. Remember, we ask that you don’t feed the horses or giraffe any food from the feed bag. Head to the Giraffe House to feed Titus the giraffe some snacks! Make sure to keep hats, sunglasses, cell phones, cameras, and umbrellas out of his reach! He likes to take souvenirs from visitors as well! (Opening March 18th) Take a ride through the drive through section of our park to see some of our larger hoof stock animals! They come right up to your vehicle, and you can pet and feed most of them! You will see and feed animals such as bison, zebra, ostriches, antelope, donkeys, llamas, water buffalo, camels, and even some animals you’ve never heard of! Tour our upper section of animals by foot by following the paved walkways! You will come face to face with tigers, lemurs, wolves, monkeys, and other exotic animals!
Head to the Reptile Room to see some of our exotic reptiles such as bearded dragons, ball pythons, and Burmese pythons! Head through our indoor animal area of our main building to see exotic birds, iguanas and more! If you have any questions on any of the animals that you see on your visit or on the facility itself, be sure to find someone in a “Zoo Staff” T-Shirt and they will be happy to answer your questions! Stop by the Gift Shop at the entrance to pick up stuffed animals, t-shirts, and other souvenirs at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your tour! It’s at the main entrance to the zoo! There are cold drinks and snacks as well.”

Looking for a fun idea for your class this spring/summer? Aloha Safari Park offers Educational Field Trips, perfect for school groups, camps, clubs, and other organizations!

​159 Mini Lane, Cameron, NC 28326