Southwestern Wake County Q3 MARKET UPDATE

Every quarter I compile sales data and statistics from our local Triangle MLS;  its a great way for me to analyze my pricing strategies and see our whole REAL real estate picture, usually backing up what I already could feel was happening in our Southern Wake real estate market.  Always good to have quantitative data to back up what you are buzzing about! Below is a summary of our entire area; months of inventory along with average price per square foot and average days on market are all  improving, all good indicators of our appreciating market. Sales by CITY Q3 2013 The following link shows a more detailed look at each of our city areas and their price ranges respectively. Market Update Q3 2013 Our “summer” season lasted longer than usual as our Southern and Western Wake county markets have continued to appreciate and rebound.  All areas have lowered their months of inventory in most of their sales price ranges and we are showing balanced and even slight seller markets for some sales prices across the region. This is good news for sellers, and continuing  great news for buyers as mortgage rates have stayed extremely low and mortgage companies are continuing to lighten up on lending. If you would like to receive my Quarterly Market Update personally just let me know and I will be happy to add you to our email distribution and/or to our snail mail hard copy distribution. -Welcome Home, laura