Importance of hiring a BUYER'S AGENT

Who needs a Buyers Agent Anyway? I just want someone to show me a house! Do I really need an agent "on my side"?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!

[caption id="attachment_600" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Buyer's agent Kim, assisted Brooks and Linsey with the purchase of their new home! Buyer's agent Kim, assisted Brooks and Linsey with the purchase of their new home![/caption]

Thankfully, for the homeowners and perspective homeowners of NC, the NC Real Estate Commission has given us AGENCY.  This means when a consumer wants to buy and/or sell real property in our state, they can be represented in various ways by a real estate broker.

Working with Real Estate Agents in North Carolina

Did you know that having a buyer’s agent represent you is 100% FREE. Meaning for anyone entering into a Buyer's Agency Agreement with a Front Porch Realty Broker, we don't charge a single fee!   That's right, you can have a professional agent working for ONLY YOU when you purchase a home for absolutely no cost. And we highly recommend hiring one, here’s why: Not only is your Buyer's Agent going to assist you in finding the perfect home for you, they are also going to help you make an informed offer and strategically negotiate that offer because we know what it takes in our current competitive seller's market of today to get YOUR offer accepted. Once you are under contract for your new home, we are seasoned in getting you through the entire due diligence process and on to closing.  

A recent Front Porch Realty Buyer client, Molly explains "...when buying a home, it is very important to have an agent on your side because they are able to guide you and inform you of all of the possible situations that are important to investigate about a possible property.  If we didn't have a Buyer's Agent with our last home we wouldn't have ever taken the extra steps in researching the property… because we just didn't know what we didn't know!"

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