Fuquay Mineral Spring Park

Discovered in 1858 by two farmers Davey Crocket Fuquay and Stephen Fuquay while plowing their father’s farm, now a historic landmark in Fuquay-Varina. The Mineral Spring was believed to have healing powers. Travelers came from all over to indulge in the mineral waters. This historic Mineral Spring was believed to cure kidney and intestinal ailments.

Today locals and visitors still visit The Mineral Spring and it’s beauty. You will find a gazebo with easy access down to The Mineral Spring (be careful not to slip!). Picnic tables surround The Mineral Spring making it a lovely spot for an afternoon picnic!

It is a peaceful place to find yourself strolling through the park, enjoying nature, listening to the trickle of the spring fountain. We highly recommend making this a stop if you have not yet taken the time to visit.